The Arid Fruits of Rajasthan: Product Diversification

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Rajahthan is the largest state of india harbouring a number of arid and semi-arid fruit plants.These fruit plants bear heavily but the fruits have a short shelf life. The native people collect these fruits and convert them to a variety of by-products so that they can be utilized throughout the year and so that the fruits can be saved from spoilage.
Fruits like ber, aonla, phalsa, jamun and bael are converted to a variety of products namely squash, jam, jelly, preserve, candy and toffees. Value addition to the crops by the local people in a proper and regulated way help to increase the standard of living and ensures food and nutritional security as well.

Keywords: Rajasthan, Value Addition, Fruits, Local People
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Dr. Dheeraj Singh

Assistant Professor, Post Harvest Technology, MPUAT
Jhalawar, Rajasthan, India

I am Dr Dheeraj Singh presently serving as assistant professor in post harvest technology at college of horticulture and forestry in MPUAT,Udaipur.i did my masters and doctoral degree in horticulture with spealization in post harvest technology of horticultural area of intrest and spealization are processing,value addition and management of perishables.i specilize in enterpreuiership development for rural development and training women for self employment.

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