The Contribution of Market Orientation to Business Success in the Libyan Transitional Economy: A Mixed-Model Methodology

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This study aims to explore and investigate success and failure factors for businesses operating under a massive economic reforms taking place in Libya since late 1980s. The contribution of market orientation as a success factor was primarily investigated in this research. This study has adopted the mixed-model methodology (triangulation) at different stages of the current research to achieve its objectives. Semi-structured interviews and questionnaire survey were used to best achieve the objectives of this research. A number of (53) senior level executives from (53) different responded businesses located in three largest Libyan Cities Tripoli, Benghazi and Misurata were interviewed. Additionally, a number of (400) questionnaire was also directed to them. Out of that number, only (278) questionnaires were collected and the analyzable questionnaires were (233) questionnaires. The initial impression that the researcher had after completing the field work phase (October 2007 – January 2008) is that the contribution of market orientation seems to be very weak. That gives the impression that successful businesses functioning in the Libyan context seems to be not interested in being market-oriented. Instead, they rely intensively on other orientations such as: quality, product and sales orientations and other powerful factors that allow them to be successful in that particular market.

Keywords: Market Orientation, Business Success, Transition Economy, Mixed-Model Methodology
Stream: Clients, Customisation, Markets
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Sabri G. M. Elkrghli

PhD Student, The Department of Marketing
Strathclyde Business School, The University of Strathclyde

Glasgow, Lanarkshire, UK

I am currently a PhD student at Strathclyde Business School. My background is Business Administration. I have BA and Msc in the same field from Garyounis University in Libya and I also I have PgDip from Strathclyde University in the area of Business and Management Methodology. I have published some work related to my area of interest. My previous interests consist of Business Administration and Purchasing and Storage Management. My current interests include market orientation, business performance measurement, success factors, transition economies and mixed-model methodology. I worked as a teacher for around seven years at the Libyan secondary schools (1993 / 2000) and as a lecturer for a period of four years at the Department of Management / University of Garyounis/ Libya (2000 – 2004).

Ref: M08P0447