Research on Corporate Social Responsibility in India: An Epirical Research

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In recent years, the concept of corporate social responsibility has gained prominence from all avenues. Organizations must realize that government alone will not be able to get success in its endeavor to uplift the downtrodden of society. The present societal marketing concept of companies is constantly evolving and has given rise to a new concept — Corporate Social Responsibility. Many of the leading corporations across the world had realized the importance of being associated with socially relevant causes as a means of promoting their brands. Cause-related marketing and corporate social responsibility has provided companies with a new tool to compete in the market. CSR refers to the corporation’s obligation to all the stakeholders. It stems from the desire to do good and get self satisfaction in return as well as societal obligation of business. This could be a strategic marketing activity a way for a company to do well by doing good-distinct from sales promotion, corporate philanthropy, corporate sponsorship, corporate Samaritan acts and public relations. Now, it is assumed to be responsibility of the business houses too.

Extant literature and newspaper articles show that corporate social responsibility is defined as a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis. The understanding and fulfilling the needs of downtrodden as well as the Indian organizations is very important for creditable performance and growth.

With this background, an attempt is made in this paper to comprehend and gain insight into behavior or attitude of companies towards various aspects of social contribution. To perform this study we examined the behavior of the corporates with respect to corporate social responsibility. The study tries to identify complex behavior and set patterns and reasons for the company’s corporate social responsibility. Using the principal component factor analysis with a VARIMAX rotation technique, this study identifies four factors used by organizations as their credo. This study is strategically and managerially important in studying corporate social responsibility. It can guide planning and policy oriented benchmarks for Indian corporates.

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Capital, Corporate Strategy, Business Success, Social Marketing
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Prof. Dr. Bernadette D'Silva

Director, Management Division, GNIMS (Guru Nanak Institute of Management)
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Prof. Dr. Stephen D’Silva

Associate Professor, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Ref: M08P0602