Relationships between Motivation and Job Performance Effectiveness of Employees in the Thailand Internet Service Provider Industry

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Human resource is one of the key organizational factors for business success. Individual effectiveness usually reflects his/her nowledge,abilities,skills,and characteristics. In order to reach the HR ultimate goals of any organization employees must be highly motivated. Nowadays, Internet Service Provider industry in Thailand, skilled employees are highly in demand. Competent employees are always proposed with competitive remuneration schemes. To recognise the relationship of job performance effectiveness and the employee's motivation is vital to human resources management. The purposes of this research are to study employees' motivation and job performance effectiveness and also the relationship of these two variables in the Internet Service Provider industry in Thailand. The sample size of this research comprises 300 employees. Descriptive and inferential statistics are performed. To determine the relationship of the two critical variables, Pearson Product Moment Correlation is employed. The results of this research will be used as guidelines as a basis for the formulation of HR. Motivation policy. Suggestions will be made on six aspects of motivation factors; achievement, esteem, job characteristics, responsibilities, career progress, and salary and compensation.

Keywords: Motivation, Job Performance Effectiveness, Internet Service Provider
Stream: Learning Organisations, Education, Training
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Dr Ubonwan Rawd-iam

Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Accountancy and Management, Mahasarakham University
Mahasarakham, Thailand

I am a lecturer of Management in the Faculty of Accountancy and Management and hold Assistant Dean of the graduate studies position at Mahasarakham University, Thailand. I recieved my D.B.A.( Business Administration) from the University of South Australia, Australia, Library science from Chulalongkorn University and two B.A.degrees in Linguistics (Hons) and Laws from Thammasat University, Thailand. I also was an Assistant President, Administration at Eastern Asia University. Prior to entering academia, I served as the head of the Business Process Division, Head of the Corporate Structure Division and Human Resources Expert for the Petroleum Authority of Thailand. My research focuses on the interaction between Business strategy and HR policies and HRM practice in an organizational environment.

Ref: M08P0624