The Perfectionism at Work Life: Perfectionism and Perfectionist

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Perfectionism is one of the life styles. But living with perfectionism can be harmful for employees and employers at work life. Perfectionism is a important source of work stres. A perfectionist never say ``good enough'' and he/she seeks the best one. But it’s takes long time to find the best. Moreover his/her nagative behavior occurs new problems in organization. The paper underlines the negative effect of perfectionism at work life. The paper consist of three parts. First; what perfectionism is , second ; the perfectionist caheracter, third, negative consequences of perfectionism, finally, overcoming the perfectionism.

Keywords: Perfectionism, Perfectionist, Work Life
Stream: Knowledge and Knowledge Management
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: The Perfectionism at Work Life

Sule Tufan

Education Faculty,Department of Educational Science
Ankara, Cayyolu, Turkey

She is giving lectures at Kastamonu university, Faculty of Education. Department of Educational Science (Educational administration and planning)
She is head of Department of Educational Administration and Planning.
She has specialized at management and she is intrested in organizational creativity, indivudual image at work life and job stress. She has master degree about job stress and coping strategies. She is phd student at institute of educational science(Ankara University, Turkey) She has passed doctoral proficiency examination. She is going to defend her dissertation proposal (organizational creativity) in August 2007

Ref: M08P0007